Twelfth Night
Renaissance Music for Christmas - January 6, 2018

Lyn Bronson's review of our Christmas concert, "Twelfth Night"

Our program:

  • The boar's head (Trad.)
  • Nowell syng we (15c English)
  • Christum wir sollen loben schon (Hassler)
  • Quearamus cum pastoribus (Mouton)
  • Puer natus in Bethlehem (M. Praetorius)
  • Swete was the song the virgin soong (Egerton ms.)
  • Nun jauchzet mit hellem Ton (Schein)
  • While shepherds watched their flocks (Allison)
  • O magnum mysterium (G. Gabrieli)
  • Magnificat quinti toni (H. Praetorius)
  • Joseph lieber, Joseph mein (H. Praetorius)
  • In dulci jubilo (H. Praetorius)

Twelfth Night

Festa Italiana!
Songs and Dances of Renaissance Italy - June 10, 2017

Here are the recordings from the concert.
Check out Robin McKee Williams review: "Festa Italiana!"

Our program:

  • La Mantovana (Zanetti)
  • L'innamoratto (Gastoldi)
  • Il bell'humore (Gastoldi)
  • Amor vittorioso (Gastoldi)
  • All'arm', all'arm' (Agostini)
  • Basela un tratto (Anon.)
  • La lisfeltina (Zanetti)
  • Chi passa per 'sta strada (Azzaiolo)
  • Lirum bililirum (Mantovano)
  • Gentil madonna (Azzaiolo)
  • Ballo francese (Mainerio)
  • Poiche in van (Cara)
  • La Guamina (Guami/Pub. Banchieri)
  • Il bianco e dolce cigno (Arcadelt)
  • Con l'angelico riso (Verdelot)
  • Ohime (Monteverdi)
  • So ben mi ch'a bon tempo (Vecchi)
  • Aria del gran duca (Zanetti)
  • La nizzarda (Negri)
  • Lasciate i monte from l'Orfeo (Monteverdi)
  • Vi ricorda from l'Orfeo (Monteverdi)
  • Deus tuorum (Monteverdi)
  • Chiome d'oro (Monteverdi)
  • Beatus vir (Monteverdi)

Festa Italiana!

Hold thy Peace!!
Songs and Dances of Shakespeare - June 4, 2016

Check out Robin McKee Williams review: "Hold thy Peace!!"

  • The Moor's Dance (Susato)
  • It was a Lover and his Lass (Morley)
  • My Bonnie Lass (Morley)
  • Ah, Robin (Cornysh)
  • Helas, Madame (Henry VIII)
  • O Deathe, rock me asleep (attr. Boleyn)
  • Flora gave me Fairest Flowers (Wilbye)
  • On the Plains, Fairy Trains (Weelkes)
  • The Fairie Round (Holborne)
  • Almaine: The Honie-Suckle (Holborne)
  • Full Fathom Five (R. Johnson)
  • Where the Bee sucks (R. Johnson)
  • Hold thy Peace (pub. Ravenscroft)
  • Farewell dear love (Anon.)
  • Fine knacks for Ladies (Dowland)
  • The King of Denmark's Galliard (Dowland)
  • Unquiet Thoughts (Dowland)
  • Faction that ever dwells (Dowland)
  • My Lord of Oxenford's Maske (Morley)
  • O mistress mine (arr. Morley)
  • The cries of London (Gibbons)
  • Greensleeves to a ground (Finger)
  • Pastyme with good companye (King Henry VIII)

The Magnificent Musical Legacy of Orlando di Lasso - May 17, 2015

  • Canzon septimi toni (Gabrieli)
  • Lieto godea (Gabrieli)
  • Mon couer se recommende a vous (di Lasso)
  • Bonjour mon coeur (di Lasso)
  • O occhi manza mia (di Lasso)
  • Canzon prima (La Spiritata) (Gabrieli)
  • Ut queant laxis (di Lasso)
  • Negando il mio Signor (di Lasso)
  • Canzon fa sol la re (Gabrieli)
  • Si chi'io vorrei morire (Monteverdi)
  • Selections from "L'Orfeo"(Monteverdi)
  • Ich weiss mir ein Meidlein (di Lasso)
  • Matona, mia cara (di Lasso)
  • L'eccho (di Lasso)
  • Canzon terza (Gabrieli)
  • O vos omnes (H. Praetorius)
  • Cantate Domino (H. Praetorius)

Sing Joyfully! - March 16, 2014

  • Sing we and chant it (Morley)
  • The Agincourt Carol (Anon. 15th c. England)
  • Consort IX (Anon. 16th c. England)
  • Pavana la Cornetta (Anon. 16th c. Italy)
  • First, Third, and Eighth Tunes from Archbishop Parker's Psalter (Tallis)
  • Sing Joyfully! (Byrd)
  • Mounsier's Almaine (Arr. Morley)
  • See, see mine own sweet Jewell/Joyne Hands (Morley)
  • Browning, madame (pub. Ravenscroft)
  • Browning (Bevin)
  • Now is the month of Maying (Morley)
  • Adieu, sweet Amaryllis (Wilbye)
  • Hark, all ye lovely saints above (Weelkes)
  • The fairie round & The night watch(Holborne)
  • Weep, O mine eyes (Bennet)
  • Rest a while, you cruel cares (Dowland)
  • Mistress Nichols' almand & M. George Whitehead his almand (Dowland)
  • Of all the birds that ever I see (pub. Ravenscroft)
  • Sweet Suffolk owl (Vautor)
  • My Lord of Oxenford's Maske (Morley)
  • Pastyme with good companye (King Henry VIII)

Twelfth Night in June - June 16, 2013

  • Oh Christmas Now (Trad. English)
  • Hanacpachap Cussicuinin (Anon. 16th c. Peru)
  • This is the Record of John (Gibbons)
  • Christum wir sollen (Hassler)
  • Puer Natus in Bethlehem (M. Praetorius)
  • Nowell Syng We (Anon. 15th c.)
  • While Shepherds Watched (Allison)
  • Quaerums cum Pastoribus (Mouton)
  • O Magnum Mysterium (G.Gabrieli)
  • Gavottes (Caroubel)
  • Upon My Lap (Peerson)
  • Joseph, Lieber Joseph Mein (Walther)
  • In Dulci Jubilo (Decker)
  • Heigh Ho Holiday (Holborne)
  • The New Yeere's Gift (Holborne)
  • The Boar's Head (Trad. English)
  • Greensleeves to a Ground (Finger)
  • Convidando esta la Noche (Zespedes)

The Garden of Delights - June 10, 2012

Love's Sweet Torments - June/August, 2011

  • Courante a 4 (M. Praetorius)
  • Amor vittorioso a 5 (Gastoldi)
  • Mi libertad en sosiego a 4 (Encina)
  • Si habra in este baldres a 4 (Encina)
  • Belle qui tient ma vie a 4 (Arbeau)
  • Il etait une fillette a 4 (Jannequin)
  • Weep O mine eyes a 5 (Bennett)
  • Come away, come sweet love a 4(Dowland)
  • Ballet a 4 (M. Praetorius)
  • Philou a 4 (M. Praetorius)
  • Matona mia cara a 5 (di Lasso)
  • O occhi manza mia a 4 (di Lasso)
  • Con l'angelico riso a 4 (Verdelot)
  • Il bianco e dolce cigno a 4 (Arcadelt)
  • Honiesuckle (Heart's Ease) a 4 (Holborne)
  • Helas, Madame a 4 (Henry VIII)
  • Pastyme with Good Company a 4 (Henry VIII)
  • Ascendit Deus a 5 (Gallus)
  • Contraponto bestiale a 5 (Banchieri)

Madregalia!! House Concert - June, 2007

  • Sing we and chant it a 5 (Morley)
  • Now is the month of Maying a 5 (Morley)
  • Tant que vivray a 4 (Sermisy)
  • Gentil madonna a 4 (Azzaiolo)
  • Woe worth the time a 4 (Scottish)
  • Ach weh des leiden a 5 (Hassler)
  • The Carman's Whistle (Harpsichord) (Byrd)
  • Tobacco a 1 (Hume)
  • Browning a 3 (Ravenscroft)
  • Fine knacks for ladies a 4 (Dowland)
  • Flora gave me fairest flowers a 5 (Wilbye)
  • Din di rin din a 4 (Spanish)
  • The Silver Swan a 5 (Gibbons)
  • Contraponto bestiale a 5 (Banchieri)
  • Herr Christ, der einig Gottes Sohn a 5 (H. Praetorius)
  • Now, oh now I needs must part a 4 (Dowland)