Renaissance Music from Germany
- June 9, 2018

Madregalia!! presents "Renaissance Music from Germany", a concert of secular and sacred music from the German Renaissance Saturday, June 9th, at 7:30 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church of Monterey, 501 El Dorado St. in Monterey. This concert in Madregalia's 15th year explores the wealth of music from Germany from the 16th, and early 17th centuries. The program includes lively dances, part songs and even polychoral motets. Among the featured works are Heinrich Schuetz's "Fili mi Absalom" and his dramatic 14 voice motet "Saul," the proto cantata "Herr Christ" by Michael Praetorius and Hans Leo Hassler's seminal madrigal "Mein g'mueth ist mir verwirret" which was the original source for the iconic passion chorale in Bach's "St. Matthew Passion." Suggested donation $10 - students free.

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Facebook event link: Renaissance Music from Germany

Our program:

  • Sexta Intrada a 6/Settima Intrada a 6 (Hassler)
  • Das G'laut zu Speyer a 6 (Senfl)
  • Te Deum Patrem a 8 (H. Praetorius)
  • Ballet from Terpsichore a 4 (M. Praetorius)
  • Fili mi Absolom for bass and 4 sackbuts(Schuetz)
  • Courante from Terpsichore a 4 (M. Praetorius)
  • Mein g'mueth ist mir verwirret a 5 (Hassler)
  • Saul a 16 (Schuetz)
  • Musica musarum a 6 (J. Handl)
  • Veni in hortum meum a 8 (J. Praetorius II)
  • So trinken wir alle a 5 (Von Bruck)
  • Ihr musici a 6 (Hassler)
  • Ballet de Baccanales/des Feu from Terpsichore a 4 (M. Praetorius)
  • Jungfrau, dein schoene Gestalt a 4 (Hassler)
  • Herzlieb zu dir allein a 5 (Hassler)
  • Ach weh des Leiden a 5 (Hassler)
  • Passamezzo and Galliarde from Terpsichore a 5 (M. Praetorius)
  • Herr Christ, der einige Gottes Sohn - tutti (M. Praetorius)


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